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About | Creature Comforts Animal Clinic

Creature Comfort Animal Clinic is a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary clinic providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care for your furry family member.

We believe in exceeding your expectations! Your pet will receive the best possible health care available, and you, as the pet parent, will receive exceptional service. We are set apart from other animal hospitals in our area for the following reasons:

  • We are accredited by AAHA, meaning we uphold the most rigorous veterinary standards in North America while providing veterinary care to your pet.

  • Our appointment times are longer than most to ensure that your pet receives the attention that he or she deserves and that all of your observations at home are discussed and all of your questions and concerns are satisfied.

  • For the fastest answers regarding your pet's condition, we have experienced veterinarians and registered veterinary technicians, a full diagnostic laboratory including blood chemistry machines, radiography, blood pressure and  ECG (electrocardiogram).

We stress the importance of bi-annual physical exams based on your pet’s age because our pets age differently than we do.  Thorough evaluations and preventative care can help with early detection and alleviation of serious health problems.